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      What's New?! Father's Day Cards, Grad and Teacher Gifts

      What's New?! Father's Day Cards, Grad and Teacher Gifts

      Hello there blog readers!

      We are getting ready for Father's Day (Sunday, June 19th) for those who don't know;) and are fully equipped with punny cards, just like the jokes that dads love to tell. We've also received a beautiful group of colorful, leather-cut earrings by a Vermont local, Pickles and Peaches - great, reasonably priced gifts to celebrate a graduate or teacher's hard work!

      Father's Day Cards


      From my experience, friends get just as excited about cute wrapping paper as they do the gift itself! We just got some great summer-themed gift wrap from artist, Paula and Waffle.


       See you soon!


      What's New?!

      What's New?!

      Happy Memorial Day Monday everybody!

      I hope you are all enjoying the day, soakin' up the summer sun (the current weather in VT), doing your favorite activities and spending time with the people you love! I was lucky enough to do all of these things this past weekend while celebrating my birthday. The heat wave was rough, however, and I'm happy to be back at Birdfolk in the AC.

      I was gone for only 4 days but the store feels like it's a new place! We have earrings from a great new artist, we've restocked on infant accessories and rearranged and added to displays in the spirit of spring. Most exciting for me: all of our handmade vases, big and small, have been filled with spring flowers, in celebration of our 1 year Anniversary.

      It's amazing how much can change in only half at week! Check out what's new and also our newly arranged displays.   

      Clever Elephant Stitchery has dropped off some baby booties! Patterns include cats, sheep, elephants, giraffes and pears.

      Christine from Fawn has sent more reversible and banana bibs, & hamburger and pizza rattles, too!



      We welcome a new artist, Jonnie from Grey Theory Mill, a jeweler who makes earrings and uses hypoallergenic titanium earring wire. We have a wide selection of styles that are sure to suit you and your friends' out-there sense of humor. Fun inscriptions on certain sets include: Oy Vey; Stay Weird; Stay Wild; WTF.


      Our very own Holly from Strange Machine Accessories has dropped off a bunch of terrarium earrings and other moss/petrified flower accessories. Ya Holly!!

      Thanks for taking a look at our new stuff! See you next week.


      What's New?!

      What's New?!

      Hello Birdfolkers and ILOVERMONTers!,

      What's new? Well, what's new in stock at Birdfolk is more customer favorites as well as my personal favorites: wooden air plant planters, wooden VT bottle openers and VT mountain skyline mugs. Steve from Pleasant Ranch is the carpenter and Aurora is the ceramicist behind Arora Bryte Pottery. Both local artists celebrates VT love through functional art forms in different media.

      Steve uses recycled wood so each new batch of wooden Vermont bottle openers is made with whatever wood is available. We have Maple, Birdseye Maple, Butternut and Walnut.

      Mugs from Arora Bryte Pottery are all individual and will fit exactly what you are looking for. Some are wide at the base and tall, another is wide and short while others are a perfect combination of both. 

      Air Plants!!! Need I say more? Small containers (teal) are $20 and medium planters are $30. Each is unique and made from wood such as Walnut, Maple, Ash and Red Cedar. Some have been dipped in white or teal paint.

      I'm so excited to have restocked on these items!

      P.S We are celebrating Birdfolk Collective's One Year Anniversary Friday, May 27th at the store 5-8pm. Tessa from Foliage and Jen Kahn Jewelry will be doing a trunk show, come by, say hello, and meet the woman who makes our wonderful bags!  

      I'll be back next week with an update on What's New!! 


      New! At Birdfolk May 18th

      New! At Birdfolk May 18th

      Hi All!

      This week we've welcomed two new Vermont artists to the shop!  Their art has a distinct Burlington feel, from the textured mason jar coffee cuffs to the painted silk scarves, kimonos and slips. Take a look!

      Don't let your mason jar go to work/school naked!

      Baste and Gather makes mason jar cuffs in unique and fun fabrics like tweed, corduroy and cotton. Sleeves are insulated to keep your drink warm and your hands protected! 

      Explore Designs by Emelia has dropped off a bag full of colorful, silk beauties.  


      Images above show small infinity silk scarves, a scarf detail, fringe silk scarves, Charmeuse slips and silk chiffon kimonos. I can't decide which I like better -- the colorful designs or the feel of the silk.

      These two artists definitely bring a sense of unique, funky and individualized style to our shop. Very fitting for our customers and for the season ahead (if it ever graces us with its presence). Thank you Baste & Gather and Explore Designs by Emilia!

      See you at the shop!






      New! At Birdfolk

      New! At Birdfolk

      Hawkhouse Rings are in! New styles and new stones!!

      Crystals in pictures from top to bottom:

      Green Chrystopase

      Amythyst Druzy

      Rainbow Moonstone 

      Emerald Crystal


      Other crystals from our collection include:



      Raw Emerald

      Opal - in large and small stones

      Green Peridot

      Raw Ruby

      Black Tourmalne

      Green Tourmaline

      we carry sizes from 5 to 8



      At least 50 of them. These are made from tumbled marble tiles with illustrations and sealed. They are so heavy duty, they won't stick to your cup with condensation.

      See you next time!